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RO Water Tanks-Purified Water Tanks-WFI Tanks-Process Vessels

We are having wide experience in Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Validation of various water storage tanks and process vessels with necessary distribution (piping) system.

Careful Engineering design for the Storage and Piping network of Pharmaceutical water ensures avoiding quality degradation of the High Purity Water and further water at different locations and users point through out the plant without deterioting the water quality as per the USP norms.

Our system design complies with cGMP, USFDA, WHO Norms. These regulations specify standard of purity for RO System, WFI System, Highly Purified Water and other kind of Pharmaceutical Waters.

We can offer complete system comprising:

  • RO/WFI Aseptic Storage Tank with required Accessories & Instrumentation.
  • SS Distribution Skid with Aseptic distribution Pumping Unit, UV Light, and Cartridge Filters etc.
  • SS 316L EP Piping distribution network with consumer loops having sterile Zero Dead Leg draw off valves.
  • SS Control Skid with Automation System
  • CIP/SIP Facility for Tank & Pump
  • SS Pendants.
  • Aseptic Heater/Cooler at required user points.
  • Online Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers required.
  • Point of Use Tube –in – Tube Type Heat Exchangers.
  • DQ, IQ & OQ Qualification Documentation.
  • Orbital SS Pipe Welding & Boroscopy of Weld joints.
  • Complete integrated design as per cGMP; USFDA & ASME (BPE) designed with 100% drain ability.
  • Velocity control at required level to avoid bio-film formations
  • As built piping drawing with weld map details and documented.
  • Ozonation as specialized and particular requirements.

Our Products