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Ointment /Cream mfg. Plant

Pura-Sys Pharma Pvt. Ltd.  Manufacture and supply the complete customized automated Ointment / Cream manufacturing Plant as per the latest cGMP norms.

Ointment manufacturing Plants are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries for the production of Ointment, Cream, Lotions, Tooth Paste & other emulsions & homogenized products. Its is specially designed to take care of two critical factors which directly affects the quality of the Ointment / Creams.

Ointment Manufacturing Plant consist the following equipments and accessories.

  • Manufacturing Vessel Or Jacketed Planetary
  • Wax Phase Vessel with Top entry stirrer
  • Water Phase Vessel with Top entry stirrer
  • Storage Vessel
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Control panel
  • Product Piping & Working Platform with Material transfer pumps.

We can offer complete plant comprising:

  • Oil & Water Phase Jacketed & Agitated Vessels.
  • Manufacturing Vessels with special high viscosity intimate mixing agitator.
  • Storage Vessels with or without Agitators.
  • Transfer Pumps to Filling line. Vacuum Transfer Systems for Oil & Water Phase.
  • Load Cells for Manufacturing Vessel for weight automations as optional features.
  • PLC based Automation system suitable for SCADA connectivity.
  • Dedicated Skidded CIP System.
  • Capacity ranging from 100 to 1000 Kg’s with viscosities up to 1,00,000 cPs.
  • SS-Operating Platform & Inter-connecting aseptic piping and valves system.
  • Plant compliance to cGMP like sanitary design; internal 0.5µ finish; Hydro lift top cover.
  • Supported with complete schematic P&ID and documents like DQ;IQ & OQ.
  • Suitable for various applications i.e Lotion; cream; hair & skin cosmetics; Gels; Emulsions; Toothpaste & Food delicacies.


  • Manufacturing Vessel Or Jacketed PlanetaryThe Plant is designed tobe operated only by one operator and one helper.
  • All material transfers are done by vacuum or transfer pump.
  • All the vessels are cGMP (paint free construction).
  • The gaskets used are of silicon (food grade)
  • All contact parts are of SS316.
  • The entry of all agitators is from top & high speed emulsifier from bottom. in-line Emulsifier (as per customer choice)
  • All vessels are suitable for internal pressure of 1kg/cm2 and hence can be sterilized.
  • All pipes, pipe fittings and valves are of SS316 (as per customer requirement) seamless quality, internally electro polished, with tri-clover ended joints.

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